Melton has one of highest smoking rates in region

One in five people in the Melton borough smokes cigarettes, one of the highest smoking rates in the East Midlands.

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Latest news EMN-200731-101744001

They were the findings from a new survey based on latest data from Public Health England.

It shows that 20.9 per cent of the Melton population enjoys a fag with only three districts in the region recording a higher figure.

The study also reveals that the Melton borough has the 13th highest smoking rate in the country when comparing all 315 districts.

It is also the highest rate in the county, well ahead of places such as Leicester (15.4 per cent), North-West Leicestershire (14.1 per cent) and Charnwood (12 per cent), and also double the rate recorded in Rutland.

The survey was produced by online business, Vape Club, to show the strain on NHS resources and to encourage people to give up smoking.

Overall, the East Midlands has the third highest smoking prevalence rate in England, with 14.8 per cent − compared to the national average of 13.9 per cent.

The region is a tale of two halves however, with data showing that some districts have among the highest smoking rate nationwide, while others rank among the lowest.

The most prevalent smoking district in the East Midlands and nationwide is Corby, with 27.5 per cent of the population smoking.

This is 13.6 per cent higher than the England average.

The other two districts above Melton in the table are Lincoln and Wellingborough.

In terms of getting people to stop smoking, NHS services acrossthe East Midlands recorded a 1.95 per cent ‘quit rate’ – above the average achieved across England (1.89 per cent).

Dan Marchant, smoking cessation expert and director of Vape Club, said: “Figures show that vaping is actually twice as effective as other nicotine replacement products, and it is fantastic to see organisations such as Public Health England and the NHS embracing this public health breakthrough.

“However, there is clearly still a long way to go in getting the vaping message out to the millions of people still smoking in England.”