Fitness tips with Melton perosnal trainer Adam Chambers

Personal trainer Adam Chambers PHOTO: Cara Wainer EMN-151216-121419001
Personal trainer Adam Chambers PHOTO: Cara Wainer EMN-151216-121419001
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At Primal we all love the Christmas period. Friends come back from places afar and we get to see those long-lost family members for just the right amount of time. This thrown in with all the festive food and drink you could wish for makes for a super time of year.

Trouble is, this can really (Xmas) hamper your fitness and weight-loss goals. But fear not: with a few little tweaks you can kick off your January fitness push without a mountain to climb.

Here are our five top tips to help your guys along.

1) Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year, so if the chocolates have been in the office since before December, try to resist temptation some of the time. Grazing all day on sugary snacks can add huge numbers of calories to your daily intake. Keep the food to your break time and avoid the mid-afternoon sugar crash due to too many Quality Streets.

2) There may well be all kind of treats available to tempt you, but there will also be plenty of lean meats, veg and Christmas nuts on offer too. Eat these instead. Doing so will really help keep you on the right track.

3) With the extra time off work and friends and family in the same situation, it’s a great time to get off the sofa and get moving. There are loads of lovely country walks you can all enjoy, so get those extra steps in and burn off those extra calories.

4) Here’s an easy one: stay hydrated. With all the extra boozing you’ll feel so much better if you take time to get some H20 on board. It’s a really good idea to have a water bottle to hand, weather at home or work. You can keep sipping all day and your body will really thank you for it.

5) Plan ahead and think positively! Plot your New Year fitness plan and try not to stress too much about what you’re eating. When January arrives you’ll be tired of all the sweet foods anyway and with a positive attitude to fitness you can make 2017 your year to get fit and healthy.

I hope these tips help you to stay close(ish) to the right track this Christmas. If you would like further help to get you fit in 2017, get in touch with us at Primal Fitness: or 07841638008.

Adam has over 10 years experience working in the fitness industry.