Vixens take on new opponents in Cambridgeshire

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By Duncan Browne
Tuesday, 8th March 2022, 5:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th March 2022, 5:04 pm
The Vixens in Peterborough.
The Vixens in Peterborough.

Melton Mowbray Rugby Club’s under 13 Vixens travelled further afield on Sunday to play a three-way fixture with Peterborough and Cambridge, two teams they have not met before.

Peterborough are a regional hub for girls’ rugby and consequently have good numbers of very talented players.

Cambridge are a newer set up and so were unable to field a full side so some mixing of teams was necessary.

The first game was between Peterborough and Melton and, after the first few minutes of hard work in the middle of the pitch, Melton were able to free up a runner and get the first try to settle their nerves.

Peterborough were incredibly fast and hard in the ruck and worked themselves towards the try line by going through the phases with no errors, levelling the score.

Melton continued to fight hard and stepped up to improve their rucking, performing well and forcing a few errors from their opponents, ultimately releasing their strong runners again who ran in some beautiful tries.

Peterborough had some very big and strong players but the Vixens were completely fearless in their tackles with outstanding team effort neutralising any size advantage for the hosts.

The Vixens maintained their unbeaten streak further when they faced a mixed Peterborough/Cambridge team and then displayed their sportsmanship by bolstering Cambridge’s numbers to face Peterborough again in the final game.

Coaches’ player was Lucy who played a sniper role from the back of the scrum and ran slashed her way through the defence to run in multiple tries.

Players’ player was Hanna who seemed unstoppable in the centre of the pitch.

The girls are at home on Sunday facing Leicester Forest and Market Harborough.