Pool winner Martin pecks away at Swann and Parrot

By Jan Jackson

Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 12:44 am
Josh Martin (right) and Stephen Parrot.

Josh Martin was on top form for this month’s pool competition at Jackson’s lounge.

He was in pole position after the group stage which saw him through to the semi finals where he beat Andrew Swann 3-0.

The other semi final was a closer contest with Stephen Parrot getting the better of Rhys Coleman 3-2.

Josh went on to beat Stephen 4-1 in the final.

The club’s next handicapped snooker competition will be on New Year’s Eve - an all day event starting at 11am with cash prizes for the top four places.

Entry is £20 - all of which goes into the prize pot - and table time will be free for the duration of the competition.

For more information visit the club’s Facebook page.