Dowdell claims first win as Lake View Vets return

This week's angling round-up...

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 12:18 am
Lake View latest

Paul Dowdell was victorious as the Lake View Vets returned.

The recently introduced ide showed up on both lakes and made up the bulk of the weights.

Dodwell was the overall winner fishing Marina peg 16.

Early on he caught ide regularly and they made up over half of his 81lbs, the rest being good sized F1s and carp caught late on in the margins.

Boris Kilner (peg five) had 74lbs with 45lbs of ide giving him second overall and a section win. Dirk Williams (peg one) was third overall with 58lbs and there were six anglers with 40lbs plus on Marina.

On Lagoon, Roy Toulson (peg 19) took the lake with 61lbs despite catching no carp. Second on the lake was Martin Quilter (peg 23) with 54lbs. The other section winner and third overall on the lake was Brian Nicholls who caught F1s late on and also had 54lbs.

On Saturday fish were much harder to locate in near freezing temperatures early on.

Mick Hempstock (peg four), on Stream had an overall winning weight of 59lbs.

Shane Spafford took second from peg seven, beating Mick West, on peg 13, by just 1oz.

On River, Rob Shuter took the lake with 55lbs from peg four. Second was Gary Smith from peg seven with 45lbs giving him a section win.

Brian Holmes was third on the lake from peg 10 with 30lbs.

On Serpent Dirk Williams did finally find some small F1s close in and won the lake with 27lbs. Ian Donaldson was the other section winner with just 10lbs just pipping Lou Nightingale who had 8lbs.