Brian's big break! Two in a row for Slater

By Jan Jackson

By Duncan Browne
Saturday, 19th March 2022, 7:39 am
Stephen Parrott, right, and runner-up Craig Heaney

Brian Slater made it two in a row when he won the rolling high break bonus in this month’s snooker competition at Jackson’s lounge.

Last month he made 74 smashing Ben Manship’s record of 70 only to top it with an 88 clearance in the latest contest, which attracted a record number of entrants.

Winner of the competition was Stephen Parrott who beat Craig Heaney 2-0 in the final.

After the group stage the quarter final scores were: Ben Manship 2 Rhys Coleman 0; Craig Heaney 2 Brian Slater 0; Stephen Parrott 2 Ben Jackson 1; Karl Barratt 2 Iain Clapperton 1.

In the semi finals Heaney beat Manship 2-0 and Parrott beat Barratt 2-1.

Every month Jackson’s adds £10 to a high break prize pot until the new target is beaten in a competition.

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