Hamilton Tennis Club: Cup winners march on in league title defence

Fresh from their Mercury Cup triumph, Hamilton Tennis Club's first team made a fine start towards retaining their Division One title last week.
Hamiltons in-form mixed first team are aiming for a league and cup double EMN-160816-105547002Hamiltons in-form mixed first team are aiming for a league and cup double EMN-160816-105547002
Hamiltons in-form mixed first team are aiming for a league and cup double EMN-160816-105547002

The pairs of James Rowe and Corinne Blythe, and Justin Horobin with Charlotte Griffin won maximum three sets, while Tom Rowe and Jess Gadsby won two to complete a decisive 8-1 victory over Ashby Castle.

Scores: James Rowe/Corinne Blythe W 9-3, 9-0, 9-6; Justin Horobin/Charlotte Griffin W 9-3, 9-1, 9-1; Tom Rowe/Jess Gadsby W 9-4, 9-3, L 6-9.

* The second mixed team did not fare so well when they lost 6-3 to a strong Lutterworth first team with each pair winning a set.

Scores: Joe Jackson/Laura McMullan W 9-6, L 2-9, 1-9; Doug Hacking/Carol Gilchrist W 9-6, L 1-9, 3-9; Oliver Aley/Nicky Kennedy Maggs W 9-5, L 1-9, 2-9.

* The third mixed team came down to earth after two 9-0 victories and lost to table-topping David Lloyd Firsts by seven sets to two.

Mike Crane and Margaret Heggs, and Andy Stevens with Jenny Golland won a set each to avoid the whitewash.

Scores: Mike Crane/Margaret Heggs L 5-9, 0-9, W 9-6; Andy Stevens/Jenny Golland L 3-9, W 9-6, L 3-9; Jimmi Cox/Jo Heggs L 1-9, 1-9, 3-9.

* The mixed fifth team lost 6-3 to Hinckley Third with two sets from Nigel Crymble and Jill Woods and another from Graham Hall and Jessi Jackson.

Scores: Nigel Crymble/Jill Woods W 9-7, 9-6, L 8-9; Graham Hall/Jessi Jackson L 5-9, 5-9, W 9-7; Keith Galloway/Polly Dolby L 4-9, 3-9, 4-9.

* In a rain-delayed match, the men’s second team lost 9-0 to promotion-chasing Stoney Stanton.

Scores: Jimmi Cox/Alex Horobin L 4-9, 4-9, 3-9; Ben Catlin/Oliver Aley L 6-9, 2-9, 6-9; Joe Jackson/Alex Lunn L 7-9, 3-9, 8-9.

* The men’s third team completed their fixtures with an 8-1 loss to Leicester Police.

Mike Crane and Steve Thompson won the consolation set.

Scores: Mike Crane/Steve Thompson W 9-5, L 2-9, 4-9; Andy Douglas/Jack Griffin L 5-9, 2-9, 6-9; Andy Stevens/Will Harrison L 6-9, 3-9, 5-9.

* In the veterans’ league, the men’s second team beat Welland Park 7-1.

Graham Hall and Joe Cunningham won all four sets, while Nigel Crymble and Edwin Shufflebotham narrowly missed their maximum on a tie-break.

Scores: Graham Hall/Joe Cunningham W 6-4, 6-4; W 7-5, 7-5. Nigel Crymble/Edwin Shufflebotham D 6-3, 6-7; W 6-1, 6-1.

* The ladies’ veterans teams have been having a tough time and the first team lost 6-2 to Victoria with a set from each pair.

Scores: Margaret Heggs/Margaret Shufflebotham L 2-6, 2-6; D 6-2, 5-7. Lesley Greaves/Sue Corfield L 3-6, 4-6; D 6-1, 0-6.

* The second team lost by the same score to Ashby Castle Firsts with two sets from Polly Dolby and Jill Woods.

Scores: Polly Dolby/Jill Woods L 3-6, 4-6; W 6-4, 6-3. Eileen Merrison/Chris Stevens L 2-6, 1-6; L 2-6, 1-6.

* The third team completed the hat-trick of defeats when they lost 7-1 to Loughborough Firsts with Davina Adams and Mary Corvin winning the consolation set.

Scores: Davina Adams/Mary Corvin D 6-4, 4-6; L 1-6, 0-6. Trish Barber/Jo Draper Moore L 3-6, 1-6; L 2-6, 2-6.

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