More early access Amazon Prime Day deals have just landed - including a brand new Ring Doorbell

The latest early release deals centre around home security techThe latest early release deals centre around home security tech
The latest early release deals centre around home security tech | Amazon/composite

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Amazon has dropped some amazing home security deals ahead of Amazon Prime Day itself - and we’ve listed them all

Amazon Prime Day is still a few days away, but the online retailer has already started dropping a few remarkable deals in the run-up to one of its biggest sales events of the year - and we've been watching out for them.

As we predicted, the early deals are all on Amazon's own-brand devices, but that includes a surprisingly big collection of household technology items.

Think Ring Doorbells, Blink cameras, and Eero Wi-Fi peripherals. The first release of these early deals happened at the beginning of the week, but more have just landed - and they look excellent. Here's a list.

Just bear in mind you'll need to be a Prime member to take Amazon up on these offers, but there's a 30-day free trial available which gives you access to the deals, free and fast delivery and all the other Prime benefits.

1. Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro


If you fancy yourself as a bit of an early adopter when it comes to household tech, this might be the deal for you. Ring's legendary video doorbell has just been refreshed and the latest version is better than it's ever been.

The new features include 1536p HD Video and a wider view, which lets you see more of people and packages, along with upgraded colour night vision, improved audio quality and 3D motion detection.

There's even a bundle deal to add a Chime for another tenner, which is a great price, and an ideal option for people who don't already have a video doorbell.

Of course, you don't need a Chime, you can use the app or an Alexa speaker to alert you to the doorbell, but it's well worth having for a tenner.

As with all Ring devices, it's best when paired up with a Ring Protect subscription. And buying this will give you a free trial.

2. Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus + Echo Pop


Perhaps it's not surprising, now there's a new version on the market, to see the previous version of the iconic Ring doorbell heavily discounted.

There are quite a few deals on, and they're mostly bundles, but the deal that caught our eye was bundling in the Echo Pop, bringing the overall price down by 49%.

The Echo Pop will not only work as a chime, but it'll add you a smart speaker into your house, which enables you to do all sorts of clever things through Alexa.

This is a great introduction to the wonderful world of video doorbells, and a price you really shouldn't miss.

3. All-New Blink Mini 2


Another big new release, and another tempting introductory offer. Blink's Mini cameras are perfect for keeping watch on pets, people, and any other movement inside your house.

They're compact, cheap to run, easy to install, and they work seamlessly with other Amazon products, including smart displays.

However the latest version of the Blink Mini can now be used indoors and outdoors, thanks to its weather resistance. It also has a wider field of view, a built-in spotlight, colour night-view and person detection.

That makes it one of the most versatile cameras on the market for this money. And it gets even better, when you look closely at the listing and eye up some of the bundle deals. Buy two cameras, for example, and you can get them for less than £40.

And if you pair it up with a video doorbell, which is well worth doing, the bundle costs just £79.99. Just remember you need to sign up to a subscription to unlock all the features.

Summer is a great time to beef up your home security, and this is a very cheap way to do it.

4. Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen)


Fancy a half-price Ring camera? If you've always fancied a CCTV system at home, this has to be one of the cheapest ways to set one up.

Ring's cameras are stylish, simple to use, and effective. They have 1080p HD cameras, two-way talk, and this makes them perfect for watching pets while you're away.

You'll need to have a smart speaker, and it's well worth getting a Ring Protect subscription for all the features, but £25 for a high-spec indoor camera is a bargain.

5. Ring Wired Video Doorbell Pro


Even Ring's flagship video doorbell has been discounted today, bringing its price down to a frankly terrific £139.99.

It's debatable whether you need a lot of the features this top-of-the-line doorbell has, but if you do want the absolute best, this is the perfect way to get it.

Crystal clear 1536p HD head-to-toe video, two-way talk, 3D motion detection, enhanced dual-band WiFi, and customisable privacy settings all feature in the Pro version, but you do still need to pay for a subscription to get the best out of it.

There is a hard-wired version, for which you either need to be very good at DIY or have an installer to hand, or the plug-in version is available at the same price too.

6. Ring Floodlight Cam


Floodlight cameras are a great first line of defence, watching over your property boundary and bathing the area with light if anyone steps into your driveway.

These devices not only alert you while you're at home, but also while you're away. And a notification on your app will show you what's occurring. You can then choose to communicate with the intruder, or set off a siren.

This device needs installing, and it'll be so much more useful with the features unlocked as part of a Ring Protect subscription, such as recording footage, but it's unlikely to be this cheap again for a while.

7. Blink Video Doorbell


This has to be one of the cheapest ways to buy and fit a quality video doorbell.

Blink's video doorbell has all the features you need, in a compact, easy to fit and easy to use frame. It'll just quietly get on with its job and alert you to any comings and goings.

Do bear in mind you'll need a sync module if you don't already have one, because it really needs to be hooked up to a smart speaker or smart display. That's fine if you own one, but budget for at least an Echo Pop if not. Thankfully there are bundle deals available.

8. Ring Spotlight Cam Plus


A small, innocuous spotlight with an HD camera, two-way talk, and a siren for less than £100? What a great deal.

This battery-powered camera is a doddle to set up and install, and it'll keep watch over your property when you're not in, giving you the option to scare away any would-be burglars with either your own stern voice, or a siren.

A Ring Protect subscription is an important addition, but there is a 30-day free trial available.

9. Ring Outdoor Battery Camera


Keeping it simple again with another outdoor camera at nearly half its original price. Ring's quality devices are the stuff of legends, and this outdoor camera would marry up brilliantly with a suite of Ring security products.

It has 1080p video, it works with Alexa, you get two-way talk built in, and there's no wiring or anything needed to install it. Just mount it, sync it up, and you're away.

It also comes with a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect, which unlocks several useful features.