You can now join Facebook groups where people buy you Wetherspoons food and drinks

Wetherspoons fans have set up Facebook groups where strangers can buy each other food and drinks.

It is done using the chain’s app, which allows customers to avoid the queues at the bar by ordering online, providing their branch and table number.

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Since the app launched, cheeky pub goers have been using the system to get free drinks from their friends who can order them online and get them sent to the table, even if they are not in the pub.

But now there are Facebook groups entirely dedicated to it, with some particularly kind strangers opting to send freebies to people they do not even know.

Why are people doing it?

One closed group called ‘The Wetherspoons App Game’ has 2,089 members from all over the UK, posting their table numbers and locations in the hope that they can bag a free lunch.

It was set up by Max Hall, from Gloucester, who was inspired by a prank he carried out on his friend while they were drinking at a Wetherspoons pub.

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He posted on Facebook asking people to send the strangest things to their table, and was surprised at how many people joined in.

Max told the Bristol Post, "To my surprise lots of people took part in this and we had many weird and wonderful things arrive at the table. We had glasses of milk, shots, two beers, onion rings, toast, biscuits and more.

"I thought what a laugh this was and why not start a group dedicated solely for that purpose where people can privately put where they are and what table."

Another group, called ‘Wetherspoons The Game!’, has more than 7,500 members. The group also uses the app to organise monthly events where strangers can buy food for homeless people.

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What have people been getting?

Last week a couple posted that they were on their first date in The Moon in the Square pub in Bournemouth and found themselves gifted with drinks, snacks and even a curry.

Others have seen it backfire however. The complete freedom strangers have to send you anything they want means that you could end up with a round of milk, or fruit shoots ordered to your table.

The rules on the groups say that you must upload a photo of what arrives at your table, you must consume it no matter what it is and be generous and inventive with what you send.

A spokesperson from Wetherspoons said, "This is a great initiative. We are not in any way connected with the scheme, but applaud those people who have are involved."