Top renovations UK homeowners are planning to get their homes ready to host on May 17th

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With Brits being able to welcome people into their homes and gardens from the 17th May, new research from Checkatrade has found that a huge 83% of Brits are planning a home refresh over the next 12 months.

Findings from Checkatrade’s Home Pride Index report, which looks at the value British homeowners place on their home, has found the top renovations UK homeowners are planning to make in the future are redecorating a living room, bedroom or bathroom (30%), followed by a garden revamp (23%).

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Top Renovations UK Homeowners Are Planning To Make in the Future

  1. Redecoration of living room/bedroom/bathroom – 30%
  2. Garden revamp – 23%
  3. Replacing flooring – 22%
  4. A new kitchen – 19%
  5. Replacing windows – 15%
  6. New external doors – 13%
  7. Building a shed – 10%
  8. Knocking walls through/building walls – 8%
  9. Installing a conservatory – 7%
  10. Creating a home office – 6%


The new study also reveals that eco upgrades are on the agenda, with one fifth (19%) of Brits keen to make environmentally friendly improvements like installing insulation or solar panels.

Meanwhile, when it comes to home inspiration, most homeowners are influenced by TV shows (21%) and magazines (19%). While social media was also cited by many as a source of inspiration, including Pinterest (12%), Instagram (11%), and Facebook (9%).

In fact, not only has the past year driven a growing wish list of home improvement goals, but it has also seen a rise in interiors and home renovation social media accounts, with 34% of Brits saying they have turned – or would turn – their home renovations into social media followings.

Checkatrade’s research also revealed that the most popular reasons for starting a home interiors/renovation social media account were to share advice and recommendations with others (40%), to give themselves something to do during lockdown (35%) and to inspire others (34%).

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Mike Fairman, CEO of Checkatrade, comments: “The past year has inspired many of us to invest in our homes and as a result, we’re seeing incredible demand as homeowners seek to make their dreams a reality. In fact, contacts to our Checkatrade members were up 154% year-on-year this past March, so we are not surprised to find that 8 in 10 people are planning to refresh their homes over the next 12 months.”

‘’No matter where your inspiration may come from, when planning your next home project, make sure you use a reputable and checked professional to help bring those ideas to life.’’

To view Checkatrade’s Home Pride Index, visit the Checkatrade blog here.