This is when the final of Great British Bake Off takes place - and Laura, Peter and Dave’s best bakes

Season 11 of The Great British Bake Off will air on television next week, with three contestants battling it out to be crowned the King or Queen of British Baking 2020.

This year has seen a number of changes to the popular programme, with Noel Fielding co-presenting with Matt Lucas - as Sandi Toksvig hung up her apron in 2019.

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Due to coronavirus, the 120-strong crew, cast and presenters - including GBB original Paul Holywood and restaurateur Prue Leith - isolated as one big bubble for the duration of the programme.

So who has made it to the final and what are the stand out bakes that got them there? Here is what you need to know ahead of the final.

Who are the finalists?

The remaining three bakers in the tent are Peter Sawkins, Dave Friday, and Laura Adlington.

Peter, 20, rightfully told Paul Holywood during bread week that “the Bake Off has been on for half my lifetime” - yet he has managed to impress the judges every week and won star baker in the quarter finals.

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Baking isn’t his only talent - the Edinburgh University Student is currently studying towards a degree in Accounting and Finance which may be why he deems his strengths to be “time management and planning”.

Despite claiming his weaknesses are “artistic decoration and bread baking”, he has wowed the judges since week one when he was first crowned star baker - the only baker to earn the title twice this season.

Hampshire born Dave recently welcomed his first child into the world with his girlfriend Stacey.

The 30-year-old from Hampshire has been praised by the judges for his growth in confidence, as the new dad admitted he was exceptionally nervous about being on the show, adding: “It was a dream come true walking in on that first morning”.

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His nerves may have served as a good grounding to build on, as he sees his strengths as “the ability to learn from mistakes, take criticism and use it to improve. I am incredibly determined and see the positive in every situation.” as well as being a dab hand at break making.

The armoured guard was just pipped at the post for star baker last week, but did come out on top in Biscuit week.

Laura, 31, is a digital designer from Kent and this week had to speak out against trolls after a controversial semi-final decision.

She called for kindness after uproar on social media when she pipped fellow semi-finalist Hermine to the finals.

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The Samaritans volunteer sees her strengths as decoration and time management, winning Star Baker in pastry week with her nod to her home city - a botanical themed ‘Garden of Kent’ caged pie.

What have been their best bakes?

The three finalists have battled off eight of their competitors to reach the finals, but what have been the bakes which helped them earn their rightful place?


Cake week

The 20-year-old paid tribute to fellow Scot, Sir Chris Hoy in week one, and won Star Baker as a result.

The bakers were asked to produce a 3D edible bust of their favourite celebrity.

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Pru Leith praised the bust, commenting “It’s very dramatic. He’s got wonderful athlete’s shoulders. It looks like he’s puffing and I love the helmet.”

Patisserie week

Peter’s second Star Baker award came in Patisserie week, when the judges instructed the bakers to make a showstopper by creating a cube entirely from delicate, smaller cube-shaped cakes.

Peter’s three-way cubes won the approval of Paul and Prue as they featured chocolate, pistachio and raspberry components.

Chocolate week

Peter wowed the judges with his show stopping white chocolate cake, dedicated to his brother.

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Although he was pipped at the post for star baker, his chocolatey creation is still worth a mention.

The cake featured a white chocolate collar, two tiers and was finished with hand painted symbols - a tribute to the maths degree his brother earned but couldn’t attend to the graduation ceremony for.

The cake was filled with coconut and mango flavoured sponge.


Biscuit week

The 30-year-old guard showed he can also be dainty and pretty when it comes to the kitchen, leaving the judges speechless (and not just because they had a mouthful of biscuits) with his macaroons and Mexican themed table setting made entirely of biscuits.

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He created chocolate and coffee-flavoured biscuit plates and cups, along with a brandy snap taco tray and amaretti biscuit placemat.


Pastry week

Laura produced a Garden of England themed pastry pie, earning her her Star Baker.

Her key lime pie encased in a pastry cage was praised by Paul, who said: "I think it's highly impressive; the tart underneath looks very, very, nice.

"I think the decoration is beautiful. Overall I think it tastes amazing, looks good, I think you've excelled yourself."

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Her technical bake - a leek, pancetta and potato bake - also received high praise,being described by Prue as ‘heaven’.

Have they ever had a soggy bottom?

Peter suffered in his rightfully dreaded break week.

His rainbow bagels did not bring a ray of sunshine and he struggled when his black pudding and walnut gluten free loaf and a ginger beer loaf was described as ‘gluey’ - not to mention some of it had broken off before the judges took a bite.

Although Dave has remained somewhat consistent throughout the show, he got off to a bad start when fellow contestant Sura knocked his technical bakes onto the floor in week one.

The finalist took it well, telling a sobbing Sura ‘Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. I’m sure they can go by what they looked like before I brought them over.’

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The less said about it the better - he sailed on through the next nine weeks and has made it to the finals.

Laura has had her fair share of ups and downs (and we don’t mean her pineapple upside down cake).

Arguably, her worst performance to date was at the final hurdle, when last week her mirror glaze was described as ‘messy’ by the judges and her technical bake - Danish cornucopia cake - didn’t toot the judges’ horn as it was underbaked and limp.

When and where can I watch the finale?

The final will air on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 24 November at 8pm.

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Peter, Dave and Laura will battle it in the Signature, Technical and Showstopper before being joined by their families (who have isolated with them) to be crowned the next Great British Baker.

You can also watch it on Channel 4 on demand, usually within a few hours of the aired show.