These are 12 of the best Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate your dad in 2020

Are you struggling for Father's Day gift ideas? (Photo: Shutterstock)Are you struggling for Father's Day gift ideas? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Are you struggling for Father's Day gift ideas? (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Father’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday 21 June, so if you’ve not already found the perfect present for your dad, now’s the time to hunt down that special gift.

If you’re struggling to come up with inspiration, then look no further than this list. Here are 12 of the best Father’s Day gift ideas, no matter what your dad’s hobbies might be.

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Beer making kit

While many of us have turned to baking bread whilst in lockdown, why not let your dad take his homemade delights to the next level by brewing his own beer.

There are loads of beer brewing kits on the market that will appeal to your dad's personal taste and skill level.

This kit from Love Brewing is £23.50 and comes with the ingredients your dad will need to make 40 pints of Will’s Olde English Ale, including yeast, sugar, bitter malt and more.

Personalised bottle opener

If brewing beer isn’t quite up your dad’s street, but drinking it certainly is, then why not opt for a personalised bottle opener?

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This metal bottle opener from Not On The High Street is £12, and comes with your dad’s name engraved in the design, so no-one can “borrow” it without his permission.

Arm Chair Caddy

Is your dad's favourite spot in the house his arm chair? Is he always juggling his cup of tea, the remote, his phone, a newspaper and other items that he can’t quite keep on the chair at all times?

Then the arm chair caddy is the answer to his problems. It drapes over the arm of his favourite chair, turning it into a table for cups of tea, and it also has pouches to hold the likes of the remote and his phone as well.

Friday Night Curry subscription

If your dad thinks he’s a bit of a whizz in the kitchen and looks forward to his weekly curry, this three month subscription to Friday Night Curry for £26 from Not On The High Street, would make a great gift for him.

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Each month, he’ll get spices delivered to him that will allow him to make the best homemade curries in his own kitchen.

Each box contains recipes and spices to serve four people and includes a shopping list of all the other ingredients needed.

Bonsai Tree growing kit

If your dad has a green thumb, challenge him to grow his own bonsai tree with this bonsai tree kit, £13 from MenKind.

The kit comes with four packets of mixed bonsai seeds, five starter growing pots made from coconut husk, five coconut husk compost discs which expand when watered, five wooden plant markers and all the instructions he needs to grow his own bonsai tree.

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Personalised tool bag

If your dad is the one you call when it comes to DIY projects, then a personalised tool bag is definitely what he needs.

This personalised tool bag, £45 from Not On The High Street, is described as “perfect for any DIY lover” and is made from durable materials so he can store all of his tools in it.

You can personalise it any way you want as well, with his name, nickname or a message.

Drip filter and coffee mug

While in lockdown, many of us are drinking more coffee at home.

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If your dad fancies himself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, get him to up his game with his own slow-brewing set and porcelain mug from Royal Doulton’s Coffee Studio range.

Escape Room board game

Was your dad an escape room enthusiast pre-lockdown? Or perhaps he just loves puzzles..

If so, this Escape Room board game, £30 from Argos, is the perfect gift for your dad.

The game comes with three different scenarios to escape from, which he has to complete within 60 minutes. The games are suitable for two or more players, so you can get the whole family involved as well.

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Royal Mint James Bond coin

If your dad is a huge James Bond fan, he’s probably seen the movies, has the DVDs and all the other standard James Bond memorabilia.

However, the Royal Mint has a great series of James Bond Coins in a range of different packages and prices if you’re looking for something different.

For example, this three coin series for £13, comes in a sleek case and features three different designs which show off iconic phrases and scenes from the Bond archives.

Engraved wooden watch stand

While jewellery organisers are mainly catered towards women, this wooden watch stand and coin tray is the perfect gift to get your dad to keep his various bits and pieces tidy.

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This one from Etsy for £31.49, allows you to personalise the stand with a message of your choosing.

Personalised photo book

With digital photography now more popular than ever, old school photo albums aren’t quite as common any more.

Surprise your dad with a personalised photo book with photos from your phone, his digital camera, Facebook and anywhere else his pictures are stored.

You can get a 26-page photo book with a glossy finish from Photobox for £19.99.

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Chocolate hamper

If your dad is a chocoholic you can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate hamper.

Hotel Chocolat’s hamper boasts a huge range of different flavours and packages. For example, you could get the Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper from Hotel Chocolat for £27.50.

It comes with salted caramel, shortbread and brownie chocolates, along with many other flavours.

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