WATCH: 11 crazy Christmas traditions from around the world

What presents have you been buying this year?What presents have you been buying this year?
What presents have you been buying this year?
We may tuck in to turkey and cranberry each Christmas - but not everyone celebrates the festive period as we do.

Can you imagine eating KFC for your Christmas lunch, or leaving out shoes for Santa Claus when he comes down the chimney?

These are only some of the traditions honoured each December in Japan and Slovakia respectively.

And there are loads more!

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So forget the mince pies and sherry, get the milk and cookies in for the man in red as they do in Canada.

In Brazil, parents lock their children in a room while the Christmas tree is put up and don’t let them out until the decorating is complete.

Which other strange traditions have you heard of?

Prezzybox has carried out research into how every country across the world celebrates Christmas - from December 25 itself through to how people are created, and what they call Santa Claus.

In Russia, 12 courses are eaten to mark the 12 apostles of Jesus while in China there is duck stuffed diced chicken, smoked ham, shrimp, chestnuts, bamboo shoots, scallops and mushrooms on the menu.