Fire service issues safety advice to householders after Thorpe Satchville blaze

Firefighters have issued safety advice to residents after being called to tackle a blaze in the kitchen of a house at Thorpe Satchville.
Fire services were called to the scene earlier this afternoonFire services were called to the scene earlier this afternoon
Fire services were called to the scene earlier this afternoon

Two crews from the Melton station attended the incident, at a property on Main Street at 6pm yesterday (Sunday).

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service said the blaze was believed to have been caused by a tea towel being left on an electric hob.

A spokesperson said: “On arrival crews confirmed that a semi-detached brick built property was involved in fire, with the fire located in the kitchen and involving a toaster and kitchen furniture.

“The fire was out on arrival after being extinguished by the occupier prior to the arrival of the fire service and there was light smoke-logging in the house.

“Our crews used a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the smoke-logging and a high pressure hose reel for damping down.”

The fire service has urged householders to follow safety advice if a fire breaks out in their home.

They should keep calm and act quickly, use a pre-planned escape route and get everyone out as a quickly as possible.

No time should be spent rescuing valuables, the advice continues, and when moving through the home they should remember to shut doors to contain the fire.

Before opening a door, check it first by using the back of your hand and if it’s warm don’t open it.

Finally, say the fire service, keep low where the air is clearer if there is smoke, get out of the building, call 999 and find somewhere safe where you can wait for the fire service to arrive.

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