Top 8 odd crisp flavours released for Christmas

Which Christmas crisps will you be trying out this year?Which Christmas crisps will you be trying out this year?
Which Christmas crisps will you be trying out this year?
As we prepare for the festive season with a taste of bacon and sausage in a crisp, we look at some other delicious and doubtful Christmas crisp flavours we’ve been blessed with over the years.

Who doesn’t love a mince pie with a glass of something warming when December hits? And who doesn’t enjoy a pig in a blanket with their Christmas lunch?

But could you fancy these foods just as much in crisp form?

Pringles have revealed a special pigs in blankets flavour for the festive season - and with Marks & Spencer serving up plonky Prosecco potato snacks, it truly is a time for a Christmassy crisp.

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So we’ve taken a look at some of the varieties available on the market now - and some that were tickling tastebuds (or not) in previous years.

1) Pringles Pigs in Blankets: Bacon AND sausages in a crisp? Far superior to boring old smoked bacon. These are due to hit supermarket shelves in the UK next month - will you be buying them?

2) Marks & Spencer Winter Berries and Prosecco: If you fancy a fruity and fizzy taste (with edible gold stars to boot) these are the Christmas snack for you.

3) Aldi Gin and Tonic: For a “sophisticated taste” of gin and tonic, try these snacks today. They have been in the media spotlight after being criticised by a Durham police officer.

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4) Tesco Finest Pigs in Blankets: These limited edition snacks promise a taste of “British bacon and sausages”. But will they prove more popular than the Pringle version?

5) Tesco Prosecco and Elderberry: Not yet available for purchase, these tasty snacks promise to rival the Marks & Spencer version when they arrive. Will you be tasting them?

6) Tyrrells Crisp-mas: Coloured “red and white” in honour of the festivities, these crisps were made from red Highland Burgundy and white Lady Rosetta potatoes, then sprinkled with a dash of sea salt.

7) Pringles Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Chocolate: The sweet variations hit shelves in 2013. But did you have a taste? We just can’t get beyond the idea of a cinnamon-flavoured crisp.

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8) Tesco Mince Pie: These fruity and spicy crisps formed part of a range launched by the supermarket in 2011. They were joined on shelves by spiced gammon, turkey with stuffing and gravy, and Wensleydale and cranberry flavours. Did you love the Christmas dinner in a bag idea?

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