Tim is all set for ironman triathlon

Tim Sacks EMN-160822-100228001Tim Sacks EMN-160822-100228001
Tim Sacks EMN-160822-100228001
The chief operating officer for a health group is set to take on an ironman triathlon this Sunday - a challenge he never thought he would be able to do five years ago when he himself was overweight and unfit.

Tim Sacks, who lives in Ketton is the chief operating officer for East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group. He will take on the Vichy Ironman Triathlon in France on Sunday.

Tim said: “All too often people think taking up exercise or a healthy diet is beyond them, they can’t do it or it won’t make any difference. I am proof that they can and it will.

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“And you don’t have to be an Ironman to make a difference to your own health and fitness. Simple changes to your diet can make a rapid and noticeable difference.”

Tim’s training for this challenge coincided with a team of GPs on the governing body of the CCG taking on the Dambuster triathlon in Rutland in June and in the CCGs programme of supporting its staff to get fit health and active through the workplace challenge, organised by Sport England locally, which has seen many of the staff increasing their exercise and improving diet. They successfully took on the challenge of “virtually” walking to Rio, a combined 25 million steps, in May and June.

The benefits of health and fitness to individuals are well known and well documented. And every time an individual does something to improve their personal health and fitness, they are doing something to address a number of the killer diseases facing the nation, and the major health challenging the NHS.

As well as strengthening the cardiovascular system and the body’s muscles, many people exercise to keep fit, lose or maintain a healthy weight, sharpen their athletic skills, or purely for enjoyment.

You can follow and comment on Tim’s Ironman challenge on Twitter by following #irontimsacks.

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