Youth club’s special welcome for young Ukrainians

Warm-hearted young people in Melton have put together a leaflet to help Ukrainian youngsters who come to the town after fleeing the war in their country.

By Nick Rennie
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 1:34 pm
Members of Melton Youth Club with the leaflets they have produced for new Ukrainian youngsters
Members of Melton Youth Club with the leaflets they have produced for new Ukrainian youngsters

The resource, created by Melton Youth Club, is aimed at 11 to 17-year-olds to show them what is on offer for them locally and help them rebuild their lives.

Members have sought help from people who speak the languages to translate and proof-read the Ukrainian and Russian content.

They have also produced a business card with a QR code linking to the online version of the leaflet, for those who want to access it electronically.

The QR code and the business card which Ukrainian youngsters can use to help them get information on services, facilities and things to do in Melton

Kristi Newton, a youth worker at the club, which is based at the United Reformed Church, in Chapel Street, said: “It can be very difficult for young people aged 11 to 17 to settle and feel welcome when they move to a new area, let alone those fleeing their homes, fleeing for their lives and coming to a country where they speak little of the language and don’t know a lot about the culture.

"The young people thought the leaflet was a good idea and between them they collated lots of information about clubs and what might interest young people who could end up living here.

"They used their own experiences of what they do and and what they use locally and the list we came up with was extensive.”

The idea came about following the club’s online workshop with Caritas Diocese of Nottingham, and the support needed for Ukrainian refugees who may end up in the Melton area.

Members of Melton Youth Club with the leaflets they've produced for young Ukrainians coming to live in the town

Members were helped by Helen Cliff, a local woman who works as a volunteer with Care4Calais and who has interacted with refugees who stayed for a short periods of time at the Scalford Country House Hotel last year.

The club are indebted for the help they received with the leaflets from other members of the community in Melton.

“We are aiming to send this leaflet around Melton, through Churches Together, the schools, police, local media, Brooksby Melton College, and others, so everyone can have access,” added Kristi.

“We are also sending a template out to other parishes and through Caritas Nottingham, so that others can use it to make a leaflet for their own areas, in their own design.”