Water company apologises after supplies restored in Melton area

A local water company has apologised after some residents in the Melton area were left without a supply for up to six days.
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Other householders have endured low pressure on their taps.

Severn Trent Water said today (Wednesday) that water has now been restored and that the problem was caused by an unusually high demand from customers.

One resident contacted the Melton Times to tell us: “We’ve had terrible issues with no supply for the past six days now and l’m sure many others are the same.”

He complained that Severn Trent had not delivered any water bottles to those affected and thanked local borough councillor Simon Lumley for delivering him some bottles in person.

A spokesperson for Severn Trent Water told the Melton Times: “We’re really sorry to customers in the Melton Mowbray area who’ve experienced low pressure or even periods of no supply recently.

“We’re pleased to say these customers should now have their water supply restored.

“The problems were caused by incredibly high levels of demand for water, with customers across the Midlands using hundreds of millions of litres more than they usually do.

“We’re still asking customers to ditch the sprinklers and pressure washers so there continues to be enough water for everyone to do the essential things like washing hands, drinking, cooking and cleaning.”

The dry spell coupled with people being isolated at home during the pandemic has led to householders, on average, using 20 per cent more than they would normally, the company say.