Campaigners win first battle to save Asfordby pub

Campaigners in Asfordby have won their first battle to save one of the village’s two pubs from being closed and integrated into an existing supermarket.
The Horseshoes pub at AsfordbyThe Horseshoes pub at Asfordby
The Horseshoes pub at Asfordby

We reported in March that Central England Co-op want to buy The Horseshoes, on Main Street, and absorb it into its store on the corner of Bradgate Lane.

With the pub’s landlord retiring, owners Bateman’s brewery plan to sell the building because it is not considered to be viable as a pub in future years.

But hundreds of local people got behind a Facebook campaign opposing the loss of the pub and backing possible community purchase to retain it as an important local amenity.

The Co-op store in Asfordby with The Horseshoes pub adjacent to itThe Co-op store in Asfordby with The Horseshoes pub adjacent to it
The Co-op store in Asfordby with The Horseshoes pub adjacent to it

And Melton Borough Council has now confirmed that The Horseshoes pub has been granted Asset of Community Value (ACV) status, which will protect it from any immediate threat of being redeveloped.

A council spokesperson explained: “This means that should the owner wish to sell the property, they must notify the council, who will contact the organisation that submitted the ACV application.

"The organisation then has an opportunity to make a bid to purchase the property.

"If they wish to do this, there is a six-month moratorium period in which the owners cannot sell the property, although they can continue to market it.”

At the end of this period, the owner is free to review all offers submitted during this time and sell as they see fit.

Once sold the ACV status would ordinarily be removed.

The council spokesperson added: “Asset of Community Value status is also a material consideration for planning applications, meaning if any applications were to be received for this property during this time, the planning committee would take this into account in their discussion of the application and whether to grant permission or not.”

Sarah Parker, who applied for the ACV for the campaign group, said: “Our intention as a committee is now to have a discussion with the brewery about selling the pub to the community.

“We are awaiting surveys back that have been sent out to the community to seek opinions and interest in buying shares if the brewery allow us to purchase.”