Melton Times letter: Help speed up the process for a bypass

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Grantham Journal letter.
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It was interesting to read in last week’s edition that Sir Alan Duncan believes “ it is critical that we keep fighting for the bypass.”

Many of your readers may have thought that this is what our local MP is elected to do for us anyway.

It seems most people in this area are too busy to bother getting involved as shown by the fact that only some one per cent of us have let the council know what we think about the new Melton town plan.

Sadly, this low response will lead the council to think “job done,” but it’s not done, because the badly needed road improvements are not scheduled to open until 2035, yes, another 18 years!

And, they still don’t know where the new ‘road’ will be located anyway.

However, all your readers, their friends and relatives can at least have their say by simply signing the new bypass petition which can be quickly found at;

Brian Hodder, Carnegie Crescent, Melton