Melton Times letter: For all our sakes, vote to leave the European Union

I attended the launch of Grassroots Out! (GO!) in Kettering, this Saturday.
Grantham Journal letter.Grantham Journal letter.
Grantham Journal letter.

GO! is the cross-party umbrella organisation for the Leave campaign and the speakers included Conservative MPs and one ex-minister as well as Kate Hooey for Labour, Sammy Wilson (DUP) and Nigel Farage for UKIP.

One of the themes that came out during the debate was that the Referendum will be ‘politicians versus the people’ and this was brought vividly home to me locally by the fact that in the same period, an online Referendum run by Rutland Radio had 81% of their listeners voting to leave the EU, four times the number of those wishing to remain in it whilst over in Leicester, the city council voted to campaign for the UK not to leave, (conveniently leaving out of their debate the inconvenient issues of uncontrolled immigration and the amount the UK sends to the EU (£55m per day of which we get 49% back in grants).

In Westminster, the Prime Minister seems convinced that his extraordinarily weak demands will be accepted as a great triumph by a gullible British public especially once he pulls his not-so-secret rabbit out of his hat at the very last moment.

After a year of campaigning, both on behalf of UKIP and now for Leave EU, I don’t share his cynicism, nor that of the bulk of the mass media – especially the BBC.

The British people see every day the ruinous impact that the EU has upon us all and these inconvenient truths are no longer so easily buried. Also, I believe, the public have wised up to the fear tactics repeatedly used by the Remain campaign, as per the Europe and You paper we all had the pleasure of receiving last week, which, amazingly and in spite of all the evidence to the contrary still trotted out the same old discredited ‘facts’ that, to take two examples, we’d lose 3 million jobs if we left the EU and that we’re safer within the EU (despite being unable to deport known violent criminals or bar them from entering our country).

The British public are waking up to the fact that we must, for all our sakes, vote to leave the failed institution that is the EU and I hope that our own supposedly Eurosceptic MP will now, like Kate Hooey and Dr Liam Fox, publicly nail his colours to the mast and openly support the Leave campaign.

Gerry Robinson, Membership Secretary - UKIP, Rutland, Melton and Harborough Branches, Parliamentary Campaign Manager