Flood warning issued near Melton

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A '˜flood warning' has been issued for villages close to Melton bordering the River Wreake following heavy rain yesterday (Monday).

The alert, covering parts of Thrussington, Hoby and Ratcliffe, was one of 34 sounded by the Environment Agency in England Wales.

Flood warnings are the second most serious warning and indicate that immediate action is required to deal with flood waters.

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A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “Flooding is expected at Thrussington Mill, including Station Road and an isolated property at Hoby.

“The current flow at the Syston river gauge is 39 cubic metres per second. River levels are rising slowly. Further light rainfall is forecast.”

A lower level ‘flood alert’ has also been issued for residents and businesses in Frisby, Hoby, Brooksby, Thrussington, Ratcliffe and Syston.

The spokesperson said: “Flooding of low-lying agricultural land and roads continues.

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“Mill Lane and Water Lane at Frisby on the Wreake, Station Road at Thrussington, Broome Lane at Ratcliffe on the Wreake, and Frisby, Hoby, Brooksby, Thrussington, Ratcliffe and Syston remain at risk.

“The current level at the Frisby river gauge is two metres and river levels are rising. Further rainfall is forecast.

Charnwood District Council’s environment department has been contacted by a number of concerned individuals.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Due to the weather we have a received a number of requests for sandbags.

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“However we only have a limited number and they are prioritised for vulnerable people living in council accommodation.”

Wymondham has suffered from rising flood waters with firefighters being called out to rescue motorists stranded in the vehicles.

Wymeswold has also been hit be heavy flooding a brook overflowed around 5pm yesterday.

Flooding hit Wymeswold, on the Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire border, as a brook overflowed shortly after 5pm.

Are you a resident or a business person who has suffered from flooding this week? If so, please call us on 01664 412520.