Firefighters help builder who impaled foot in nail gun accident

A builder was taken to hospital after impaling his foot on a nail while working on a house roof in Frisby yesterday (Wednesday, August 31).
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Fire and Rescue news.

The day crew at Melton Fire Station was mobilised to the incident in Ash Way just after 10.20am.

Temporary crew manager Scott Smith said: “When we got there we found a house which was under renovation. A builder was on a flat roof and had set off a nail gun which had gone through his foot into a piece of wood.

“We used a set of bolt croppers to release the foot from the wood but obviously leaving the nail in!

“A paramedic car turned up and was able to administer Entonox (pain relieving gas) to the casualty.

“The next problem was how we’d get the casualty down from the roof so the decision was made to request the aerial ladder platform from Birstall Station.

“However by the time it arrived, and the Entonox had kicked in, the builder was guided down the ladder and was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary by a work colleague.”

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