Proposal to drop affordable homes requirement from village housing scheme

Councillors are to consider an application to withdraw a requirement for affordable housing on a major new village development.
The plans for 34 new homes at Canal Lane in HoseThe plans for 34 new homes at Canal Lane in Hose
The plans for 34 new homes at Canal Lane in Hose

Melton Borough Council has already granted outline permission for 34 new homes to be built on a site at Canal Lane at Hose.

It was given with a condition that 32 per cent of the scheme – which represents 11 properties – are low priced houses.

But borough councillors will be recommended to drop the condition when the planning committee meets on Tuesday.

This is because a viability assessment has been submitted in support of the application which states that the applicant would not be in a position to provide affordable housing provision as the scheme would not be economically viable.

This was independently and externally reviewed by a viability assessor as part of the application submission.

A report which will go before the committee states: “Overall, it is considered that up to date, acceptable and robust evidence of viability has been provided which demonstrates that the development is not capable of providing the policy target of 32 per cent (11 Affordable Housing units).”

Parish councillors have objected to dropping the condition because they say it goes against the Local Plan and that affordable housing is needed in Hose.

Four letters of objection were also received from residents, some of who say lower cost homes are required in the village to allow local residents to continue to live there.

The developers have agreed to contribute nearly £145,000 towards local infrastructure, including just over £100,000 towards secondary education in the area.