Environmental health intervenes in smelly Saxby fertiliser issue

Precautions are being taken to reduce the impact from smell and fumes from treated human waste being spread on land as fertiliser on farmland near Melton.

By Nick Rennie
Monday, 12th July 2021, 11:29 am
A pile of sludgecake (treated human waste) stored near the village of Saxby, which some residents are very unhappy about EMN-210107-104050001

Environmental health employees at Melton Borough Council have met with representatives of Anglian Water who have a permit from the Environment Agency to use the so-called sludge-cake, which is stored in a heap close to the village of Saxby.

We reported earlier this month that some residents had complained about the ‘intense’ fumes coming from the site and concerns it could pollute a nearby watercourse.

Following the discussions with Anglian Water, a spokesperson for the borough council said this morning (Monday): “The successful meeting has meant that Anglian Water has put into place a number of actions that ensures the work can be carried out in a way that would cause the least disruption to the residents of the village.

“This includes providing the council with risk assessments, locations and times that the sludge is due to be spread and ensuring sludge is not spread during weekends or times of known events.”

It is common practice for farmers to spread such waste sludge, after it has been treated and recycled, on land as a fertiliser and to improve soil structure.