Nine out of 10 children got a place at primary school of their choice in Leicestershire

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Melton parents have been hearing this week whether their children have secured a place at their first choice primary school and it is likely to be good news.

Figures released by County Hall show nine out of 10 children have a place at the school they want to go to from this autumn.

A total of 92.8 per cent have been offered their preferred option, 4.4 per cent received their second choice and 0.8 per cent received their third.

That is a slight increase – of 1.5 per cent - on last year’s figure of 91.3 per cent with 98 per cent of the 7,300 applications received gaining a place at one of their top three choices.

Ivan Ould, Leicestershire County Council cabinet member for children and families, said: “It’s very encouraging that nine out of 10 children have secured their first choice school - and that the figures show an overall improvement on 2017.

“We do recognise that not every child will have secured one of their preferred choices so we would encourage parents to get in touch as soon as possible so options can be discussed with them, including a possible appeal.”

The figures released also show a five per cent increase - to 97 per cent - of parents making an online application.

Parents who applied in writing will receive a letter and those applying online will receive an email about the decision.

The county council say they will be in touch with parents of the 142 children (1.95 per cent) who did not secure one of their choices.

The council will offer advice on an entitlement to appeal, or the availability of taking up a place at an alternative school.