Youth banned from Melton town centre after anti-social arrest

A youth has been banned from entering Melton town centre after being re-arrested on suspicion of carrying out repeated anti-social behaviour.
Police have made an arrestPolice have made an arrest
Police have made an arrest

Police recently introduced dispersal orders in the town in response to multiple reports of anti-social incidents and officers have stepped up patrols of hotspots.

Melton Police say they will continue to take appropriate action against youths committing offences and harassing local businesses in the town centre.A spokesperson said: “The youth has been charged with two offences and remains on bail for other offences whilst the investigation continues.

"In addition to his bail conditions he has been issued with a Community Protection Notice under the Anti-social behaviour Act, in which he is excluded from the town centre.

"Failure to comply with this notice could lead him to be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100 and he may be prosecuted with a fine up to £2,500.

"We urge members of the community to continue to report anti-social behaviour in the town centre.”