Police arrest knife suspect after foot chase

Police made an arrestPolice made an arrest
Police made an arrest
Police arrested a man for being in possession of a knife after a pursuit in Melton.

The incident happened on Friday evening near the town centre.

Melton Police posted on their Facebook page: “Officers from your Neighbourhood and Response team have apprehended a suspect and arrested them for being in possession of a bladed article in a public place.

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"This was after a short foot chase that resulted in an area around Saxby Road being cordoned off, whilst the suspect was located.

"He was then searched and transported to custody and has been bailed to not enter Melton whilst a further investigation is carried out.”

The arrest took place as officers in the Melton area are taking part in a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of knife crime, called Operation Sceptre.

This has taken the form of officers going into schools to talk to pupils and encouraging people to report those suspected of carrying blades in public.