Candidates for Melton Borough Council elections revealed

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Latest council news EMN-190329-164827001
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Residents in four wards will have uncontested seats in next month’s Melton Borough Council local elections.

The authority this afternoon (Thursday) announced that 48 candidates had been nominated to stand for election on May 2, 27 Conservatives, seven Independents, seven from the Green Party, five from Labour and one each from the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

Mayor of Melton, Pru Chandler, will serve Bottesford for another four years in one of the uncontested wards.

She will be joined on the council by Independent Donald Pritchett after former Mayor, David Wright, did not stand this time.

Malise Graham, who has served on the council for more than 30 years, will remain as Wymondham’s representative with no-one else being nominated.

Ronan Browne, a former employee of the council as people and place manager, comes in as Frisby’s ward member to replace Edward Hutchison, and Robert Child replaces Janet Simpson in Gaddesby. Both new councillors in those uncontested seats are Tories.

Two of the longest serving borough councillors are retiring and will not stand - Byron Rhodes in Long Clawson and Stathern ward plus Gerald Botterill in Croxton Kerrial.

Nineteen of the 27 current borough councillors are standing for election again. One of the two Melton Egerton seats has remained vacant since the death of Michael Blase in January this year.

The full list of candidates is listed below:

Nominated candidates for Melton Borough Council local elections on May 2 (current standing councillors in brackets) -

-Asfordby (Ronnie de Burle & Mal Sheldon):

Steven Carter (Ind); Ronnie de Burle (Con); Mal Sheldon (Con).

-Bottesford (Pru Chandler & David Wright):

Pru Chandler (Con) & Donald Pritchett (Ind).

-Croxton Kerrial (Gerald Botterill):

Alan Hewson (Ind) & Mike Hollingworth (Con).

-Frisby on the Wreake (Edward Hutchison):

Ronan Browne (Con).

-Gaddesby (Janet Simpson):

Robert Child (Con).

-Long Clawson & Stathern (Pam Baguley & Byron Rhodes):

Pam Baguley (Con); Christopher Evans; Mel Steadman (Con).

-Melton Craven (Tracy Beaken & Jeanne Douglas):

Rob Bindloss (Con); Jeanne Douglas (Con); Frank Duckworth (Ind); Mark Frisby (Ind); Marilyn Gordon (Ind); David Ogden (Lab).

-Melton Dorian (Pat Cumbers. John Wyatt & Alan Pearson):

Pat Cumbers (Con); Alan Pearson (Con); Philip Wood (Green); John Wyatt (Con).

-Melton Egerton (Peter Faulkner & one vacant seat after death of Michael Blasé):

Mike Brown (Lab); Peter Faulkner (Con); Sue Karran (Lab); Amanda Reeves (Green); John Reeves (Green); Rebecca Smedley (Con).

-Melton Newport (Margaret Glancy, Simon Lumley and Pam Posnett):

Margaret Glancy (Con); Simon Lumley (Con); Alastair McQuillan (Green); Pam Posnett (Con); John Scutter (UKIP).

-Melton Sysonby (Tej Bains, Alison Freer-Jones and John Illingworth):

Tej Bains (Con); John Illingworth (Con); Rosie Johnson (Green); Peter Karran (Lab); Jacob Wilkinson (Con).

-Melton Warwick (Tom Greenow & Julia Hurrell):

Caroline Arkless (Green); Chris Fisher (Con); Alison Freer-Jones (Con); Tim Litt (Lab).

-Old Dalby (Joe Orson):

Kim Lee (Green) & Joe Orson (Con).

-Somerby (Leigh Higgins):

Leigh Higgins (Con) & Hamish McAuley (LD).

-Waltham on the Wolds (Elaine Holmes):

Elaine Holmes (Ind) & Keran Turakhia (Con).

-Wymondham (Malise Graham):

Malise Graham (Con).