Dogs at weddings: Our top guide for magical memories with your family pet

While every wedding is individual there are many things that fit the norm – the rings, the flowers, the fancy dress. But do you want to say I do with a cockapoo?
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For thousands of couples, having their favourite four legged family members as part of the wedding party would be their very own doggy delight, the canine crown on a very special day.

So what are the top tips for making sure that having pets at weddings doesn’t become a canine caper too far.

Appoint a chaperone

The bride and groom have enough on their plate without having to walk Fido on the morning of the wedding or take him for his business half way down the aisle. Make sure you arrange for someone to be there as the dog-wrangler for the day, one who can take them away if it all becomes too much, and keep them over night.


Make sure they’ve not only been walked before the event itself, but had a huge walk the day before, so they are not as exuberant as they might be – less chance of muddy paws on dresses if they are tired!

Dress to impress

We’re not talking full tuxedo here, but a fetching bandana or a fancy new colour tying in with your colour theme will make you smile at the photos in years to come.

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Say cheese

Talking of pictures, make sure your photographer is comfortable around pets … if they are used to dogs then they are likely to be more relaxed. Give them lots of notice, so they can dream up photo ideas, and bring along suitable treats and toys to bribe your little one into posing.

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The bride, the groom and the groomer!

Last but not least, make sure your dog is looking their dapper best on the big day. Book them in for a trim at least one week in advance – you don’t want them suffering from too short a trim; you could add in a shampoo the day before though, so they are clean and fresh.

And on the day itself, make sure they get lead on walks only at all times – not just to keep them clean and fresh, but to keep them well under control around all your guests.





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