Staff and visitors must wear masks again at Melton Hospital

Melton Mowbray HospitalMelton Mowbray Hospital
Melton Mowbray Hospital
Staff and visitors at Melton Mowbray Community Hospital have to wear fluid resistant surgical masks from today (Friday) because of a recent increase in the number of people with coronavirus.

It is part of a directive from Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) at all of its settings, which also include neighbouring Rutland Memorial Community Hospital, at Oakham, and Loughborough Community Hospital.

Masks are required to be worn in all clinical areas, such as in-patient wards and outpatient areas, including clinic rooms and patient waiting areas.

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Dr Anne Scott, executive director of nursing, allied health professionals and quality at LPT, said: “We would like to reassure people that total numbers of staff and patient Covid-positive cases remain low.

"This is purely preventative action to ensure patient and staff safety, which is our number one priority.

"We will be regularly monitoring and reviewing this decision.

“We also ask people to take the opportunity to protect yourself and others.

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"Getting your flu and Covid vaccinations will help to ensure you have the best winter protection for yourself and those around you.”

Staff will also be wearing the masks in family and community hubs, care homes and when visiting patients in their own home.

Mask-wearing is not yet needed in non-clinical areas, like toilets and corridors that are not on inpatient wards, but staff and visitors can wear a mask in all settings if they choose to.

Patients will be offered a mask if they are severely immunosuppressed, are known to have Covid-19 or are symptomatic, or if there is an outbreak of Covid-19 on the ward.

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