New manager at the helm of Melton Theatre

Andrew Edwards PHOTO: SuppliedAndrew Edwards PHOTO: Supplied
Andrew Edwards PHOTO: Supplied
Melton Theatre has a new person at the helm.

Andrew Edwards is the new theatre manager, taking charge from Michael Harris-Wakelam.

Mr Edwards, who lives in Melton, has been employed at the theatre since 2005. He has most recently run all aspects of the technical side of the venue as senior technician for commercial activity.

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Andrew took up his new post a few weeks ago and said he was excited to be in charge of a theatre that has something for everyone.

“I see the theatre as a valuable asset to the town as it not only allows the community to see great shows right on their doorstep, it also lets them take part,” he said.

“Alongside the Performing Arts Department’s fantastic courses, we host many local groups and productions throughout the year. Being able to facilitate this and put back into the community is really important to me.

“On a more simpler level, I am looking forward to much more regular hours and spending more time with my family at evenings and weekends. Being a technician was long and unsociable hours.

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“I intend to continue bringing city quality comedy, music, celebrities and musicals to the town at affordable prices.

“We are also hosting something new for us as a venue in 2019. The annual Chili Fest comes to us in March and the recent refurbishment of the college facilities is perfectly suited to this type of normally outdoor event.

“I am looking to stage more great events like this so Melton can enjoy them throughout the year without the risk of rain forcing cancellations. Also, the delayed refurbishment of the theatre will be taking place in the near future and I greatly look forward to revealing this when it is completed.”

Despite an easy transition into the top job at the theatre, Andrew has had to hit the ground running already.

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He added: “Planning runs several years ahead and I have already secured events going into 2020.

“Alongside the main auditorium, we have many studios and rooms available to hire. It’s always busy at the start of the academic year and I have been making sure we can accommodate everyone who wants to provide the town with various exercise sessions, dance lessons and drama clubs.”

And about his favourite types of performance and the staff, he said: “Meeting one of my childhood heroes, the late Paul Daniels is a highlight. I have also greatly enjoyed the comedy we host.

“I would like to thank Michael for everything he did to raise the profile of theatre and the town. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our dedicated theatre staff and our tireless front of house volunteers, without which it would be impossible to host the all the shows we have had over the years.”

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