Waltham church bells to welcome in the New Year

Waltham St Mary Magdalene Church PHOTO: Supplied
Waltham St Mary Magdalene Church PHOTO: Supplied
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Once again, a centuries-old tradition will be held at Waltham church to ring in the New Year.

Muffled bells will be used at St Mary Magdalene Church from about 11.20pm until 11.55pm on New Year’s Eve. The muffles will then be removed for the tenor bell to strike 12. Following this, the bells will be rung to welcome in 2017.

Waltham bellringer Barry Gilchrist said: “This is a village tradition that goes back centuries, attracting crowds to the green including those who are celebrating the New Year in the village pub.

“The tradition goes on to say that ringing in the New Year will keep the ‘evil spirits’ away.

“Unfortunately, our numbers are dwindling and it may not be long before the traditional New Year’s Eve ringing is just a memory.

“So, if you want to give church bell ringing a try please contact a member of the Waltham Bell ringers on 01664 464313 or by email at barrysg@yahoo.com. You would be most welcome.”