Oasis for families waves goodbye to dedicated centre manager Jill

Jill Thompson (right) and Victoria Conyers 'PHOTO: Supplied
Jill Thompson (right) and Victoria Conyers 'PHOTO: Supplied
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A centre which provides an oasis for young families is waving goodbye to manager Jill Thompson.

Jill founded the Oasis Family Centre over 14 years ago but has decided to step down on Friday, and hand the reins to her friend and colleague Victoria Conyers.

Victoria said: “Over the past 14 years Jill has touched many families and people’s hearts through the work she has done at the centre.”

The Oasis Family Centre is charity run centre which serves over 70 families as a preschool for children aged four months to school aged, running family learning courses, drop in groups, centre holidays, play schemes and summer activities.

A celebratory thank you event with some of the families that Jill has helped was held on Saturday.