Melton hunt meet moved to new date

A hunt
A hunt
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The traditional New Year’s Day hunt meeting in Melton will be held on January 2.

Members of the Belvoir, Cottesmore and Quorn Hunts have always met on the first day of the year in the town for the last 33 years.

But because the meet falls on a Sunday next month it has been decided to push it back a day.

John Southerington, who started the hunt meet tradition when he was junior townwarden, said: “The traditional hunt meet has bebeen moved from New Year’s Day to January 2 to avoid meeting on a Sunday.

“The hunters respect the day of rest so it will be held a day later than normal.”

Huntsmen and women and their horses and supporters will gather from 10.30am in the Play Close, as usual.

Mr Southerington added: “We thought the Melton meet would end when the hunting ban came in around 2004 but it is proving just as popular.”