Review: SKY Theatre’s Legally Blonde musical at Melton Theatre

The cast of Legally Blonde PHOTO: Andrew Howe/Rutland Photography
The cast of Legally Blonde PHOTO: Andrew Howe/Rutland Photography
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The musical is a riotously funny and an impossibly energetic spectacle that will leave you breathless with laughter writes Steve Tierney.

Melton Theatre regulars will see a whole host of familiar faces as a number of local stars are joined by some stunning new performers in one of the most talented ensembles to grace the Melton stage.

The cast members gel effortlessly with each other and this shines through from start to finish with all round strong performances in a show that is packed with laugh-out-loud moments, tear-jerking duets, and dance routines that are choreographed to perfection. Trust me, this is not one that you are going to want to miss!

Legally Blonde: the musical is based on the novel and hit-movie of the same name. It tells the story of Elle Woods, a fashion savvy, UCLA sorority girl whose life is thrown into turmoil when she is dumped by her boyfriend Warner.

To prove to him that she is more than just a stereotypical blonde, she studies hard in order to gain acceptance and join Warner at Harvard Law.

Her journey is one that takes her through overcoming acceptance and prejudice and discovering that her knowledge of the law can help others. This culminates in Elle defying expectations and on the challenge of defending exercise queen Brooke Wyndham who has been wrongfully accused of murder.

Elle Woods is beautifully portrayed by Samantha Hobson whose performance perfectly encapsulates Elle’s peppy spirit and tenacity. Sam delivers a punchy, commanding performance that will have you hanging off her every word, while her pitch-perfect vocals could easily delight at the West End.

From an experienced supporting cast who all have the ability to engage with the audience, making you believe you are right there in Massachusetts, living the story, it is difficult to single out stars.

However, of particular note Adam Fox who plays the love interest, Emmett. Adam combines beautiful vocals with a warm and loveable delivery, providing the perfect counterpoint to Elle’s relentless energy. Yolanda Offodileimpresses yet again through powerful vocals and an infectiously funny delivery, as Elle’s friend and confident, hairdresser Paulette Buonafonte.

Other notable performances come from Charlie Harris as Warner, Andy Brown as the sleazy and uncomfortably chauvinistic Professor Callahan, Natasha Walsh as Brooke Wyndham and Caitlin Plummer who plays Vivienne.

The show is a riot of energy, colour and movement and a momentum that keeps you grinning throughout. Watch out for the side-splitting court room scene (you’ll know what I mean when you’ve seen it), the “sexy” UPS delivery guy, a moving duet between Elle and Emmett that had me trying to keep back the tears, and some energetic dance routines.

Huge congratulations to the producer, Suzanne Forrester; director,Tom Fox; musical directors, Kat Tye and Sam Griffiths; choreographer, Jess Allsop; and all involved with the production. This is set to be a scintillating show. In fact, on seeing the dress rehearsal, I went straight to the box officeand bought my tickets. I would highly recommend you do the same.

Tickets are on sale now at Melton Theatre, priced £9 to £22, and the show runs from Tuesday,March 28 to Saturday, April 1. See you there!