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Bill Skarsgard Pennywise in It PHOTO: PA Photo/Warner Bros
Bill Skarsgard Pennywise in It PHOTO: PA Photo/Warner Bros
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Victoria & Abdul Today at 6pm and 8.15pm, Friday, Monday and Thursday at 6pm, Saturday at 8.30pm, Sunday at 7.30pm and Tuesday at 5.30pm.

It (15) All is not well in the town of Derry, Maine. Children are vanishing. A trail of cast-off toys snakes through the sewers. Something lurks in the labyrinth below. It preys on the phobias of its victims. It changes shape to become what they fear. It masquerades as a clown to ensnare young children, dangling balloons to lure them to its lair. Seven young misfits unite to confront it, but this evil bozo is the one hunting them. It’s an ancient, monstrous, bloodthirsty demon – and it’s all their worst nightmares and terrors at once. Having scared readers witless for over three decades, Stephen King’s classic horror novel finally gets the big-screen treatment, and it’s all set to make cinema audiences leap out of their skin. Friday and Thursday at 8.30pm, Saturday at 5.30pm, Sunday at 7.30pm and Tuesday at 8pm.

Monster Island (PG) This Pixar-esque animated adventure concerns geeky young Lucas who unbeknownst to him, is actually a monster… like the rest of his family. However his dad keeps this under wraps, or rather his son’s clothes, by plying him with a magic inhaler that keeps the physical horrors of his real form hidden. But when Lucas goes to a school prom without his inhaler, he metamorphoses into his true self and his hideous extremities explode forth, scaring the daylights out of his classmates. Poor Lucas is compelled to flee town in the hope of finding solace amongst his whacky-looking brethren on mythical Monster Island. Mexican director Leopoldo Aguilar’s first and quite delightful English language feature is aimed squarely at the under 10s but has an underlying moral message about accepting who you are.

Wind River (15) Best known for his screenplays for heart-thumping thriller Sicario and gritty neo-western Hell Or High Water, Taylor Sheridan steps behind the camera for Wind River – an intelligent crime drama set on the rugged, snow-covered plains of Wyoming. After wildlife officer Cory Lambert discovers a body while tracking mountain lions in the Wind River Indian Reservation, the FBI sends in rookie agent Jane Banner to lead the investigation. Unprepared for the unforgiving, inhospitable terrain, she employs the reluctant Lambert as a tracker, and the two venture into a world ravaged by the elements to hunt a very different kind of predator. Wind River is a stark look at life on the edge of an imposing wilderness, where the rule of law is eclipsed by the laws of nature. Sunday at 5pm, Monday at 8.30pm and Tuesday at 2pm.

Rsc Live: Coriolanus Wednesday at 7pm.