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Denzel Washington plays Troy Maxson and Viola Davis plays Rose Maxson PHOTO: PA Photo/Paramount
Denzel Washington plays Troy Maxson and Viola Davis plays Rose Maxson PHOTO: PA Photo/Paramount
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The Founder (12A) Today at 6pm.

Hidden Figures (PG) Today at 8.30pm.

Fences (12A) Denzel Washington and Viola Davis both won Tony Awards for their performances in the stage version of August Wilson’s passionately acted drama. Canny Troy (Washington) and stoical Rose (Davis) are the parents of three variously troubled boys in 1950s Pittsburgh. There’s much wit and affection in all the characters, but ultimately it’s a hard-edged family drama about secrets and buried emotions. Friday at 5.45pm, Sunday at 8pm, Monday at 8.15pm and Tuesday at 2pm and 5pm.

Split (15pm) A man diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities kidnaps three teenage girls, who must work out which of these alter egos will help them escape before a dormant 24th personality is unleashed. James McAvoy delivers a master class playing multiple roles. Friday at 8.45pm and Saturday at 6pm.

Sing (U) Saturday at 3.30pm.

The Great Wall (12A) In 12th-century China, two western mercenaries (Pascal, Damon) find themselves embroiled in a battle with deadly supernatural beasts. Legendary director Zhang’s (Hero, House Of Flying Daggers) English-language debut is a visually astounding epic. Saturday at 8.30pm and Wednesday at 6pm.

Rebel Without A Cause (PG) Sunday at 2.30pm.

Hacksaw Ridge (15) The true story of conscientious objector Desmond Doss (Garfield), who won a Congressional Medal Of Honour during the Second World War without firing a shot. Viewed as a pariah by his peers, Doss took part in the assault on Hacksaw Ridge as a medic and saved the lives of 75 men during the brutal battle that followed. Mel Gibson’s directorial return is a moving account of an outsider finding redemption through extraordinary suffering. Sunday at 5pm, Tuesday at 8pm and Wednesday at 8.30pm.

Jackie (15) Monday at 6pm and Thursday at 5pm.

ROH Live: Madama Butterfly Thursday at 7.15pm.