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Alien: Covenant PHOTO:
Alien: Covenant PHOTO:
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The Journey (12A) Today at 6pm.

Going In Style (12A) Today at 8.15pm.

Another Mother’s Son (12A) Winston Churchill infamously refused to sanction an assault to liberate Nazi-occupied Jersey during the Second World War because he didn’t think it was worth the military risk. Life on the abandoned Channel Islands is the setting for Another Mother’s Son, which tells the true story of unsung heroine Louisa Gould. Having just lost a son in the conflict, Louisa (Seagrove) takes in an escaped Russian prisoner of war (Kostov) and then claims him as her own son. In spite of obvious dangers, she remains confident the island’s close-knit community will protect her and her new family member. As the solidarity of the island wavers in the face of oppression and divided loyalty, Louisa fights to preserve her family’s sense of humanity. Director Christopher Menaul (The Forsyte Saga) delivers an affecting, highly watchable moral drama. Friday and Sunday at 9pm, Monday at 6pm and Thursday at 8.30pm.

Take That: Wonderland Live From The O2 Friday at 8pm.

Nt Live: Peter Pan (Captured Live) (PG) Saturday at 2.45pm.

Their Finest (12A) Saturday at 6pm, Sunday at 2.30pm and Wednesday at 8.30pm.

Alien: Covenant (15) When the crew of the colony ship Covenant touch down on what appears to be an uncharted utopian planet on the far side of the galaxy, they make a harrowing and deadly discovery. With regular cinematographer Dariusz Wolski on board, Scott delivers the goriest chapter in the Alien franchise to date, recapturing the unsettling, claustrophobic horror of his 1976 masterpiece. Saturday at 8.30pm, Sunday at 7.30pm, Monday at 8.15pm, Tuesday at 8pm and Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm.

The Promise (12A) Tuesday at 2pm.

Exhibition On Screen: Michaelangelo Tuesday at 6pm.