Regal Cinema Melton: Film guide June 4 to June 11

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Far From The Madding Crowd (12A) Today at 6pm.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG) Today at 8.30pm.

Spooks: The Greater Good (15)

Spin-off from the BBC’s spy series. Friday at 6pm, Sunday at 7.15pm, Tuesday at 2pm and Wednesday at 8.30pm.

John Wick (15) In a return to action-hero form, Keanu Reeves is retired hitman John Wick. When the arrogant son of his ex-boss steals his car and kills his dog, Wick goes in search of vengeance, and fiery conflicts ensue as an ace sniper (Dafoe) and a cool assassin (Adrianne Palicki) get embroiled. Friday at 8.30pm and Saturday at 7.45pm.

Two by Two (U) Dave (Magennis) and his son Finney hear that kindly Noah has built an ark to save two of every species from a devastating flood. Dave and Finney are Nestrians, colourful but clumsy hybrids. They team up with the Grymps, Hazel and her daughter Leah (Connolly), to get on board. When Finney and Leah fall off the ark, Dave and Hazel must rescue them in this exciting, beautifully realised animated adventure. Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 1.30pm.

Woman in Gold (12A) Tackling the same territory as The Monuments Men but from a different, more personal perspective, Woman In Gold stars Helen Mirren as Jewish émigrée Maria Altmann. Altmann’s aunt, the wealthy Austrian Adele Bloch-Bauer, was the subject of the famous eponymous portrait by Gustav Klimt, which was seized by the Nazis and then hung in a Vienna gallery after the war. Convinced that the painting is her rightful inheritance, Altmann and her slightly out-of-his-depth young lawyer (Reynolds, the voices) confront all manner of obstacles in pursuit of natural justice. Tuesday at 5pm, Wednesday at 6pm and Thursday at 8.30pm.

Globe on Screen: Titus Andronicus Sunday at 3.30pm

Gascoigne (15) plus Q&A

Monday at 6.30pm