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The Journey (12A) PHOTO:
The Journey (12A) PHOTO:
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The Boss Baby (U) Today at 3.45pm.

The Zookeeper’s Wife (12A) Today at 6pm.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (12A) Today at 8.30pm.

Peppa Pig (U) Friday at 4.15pm, Saturday at 2pm and 3.45pm and Sunday at 3.15pm.

The Journey (12A) Having agreed – perhaps out of battle weariness – to attend a meeting brokered by the then British PM Tony Blair (Toby Stephens) in Scotland, lifelong political enemies Ian Paisley (Spall) and Martin McGuinness (Meaney) are forced to take a car journey together to get there. What neither politician knows, however, is that their car is bugged and their driver (Freddie Highmore) an MI5 plant, so that Blair and his chief spook (Hurt) can monitor their progress. Based on what would become 2006’s power-sharing agreement between Northern Ireland’s Republicans and the Unionists, Nick Hamm’s fascinating film reveals how Paisley and McGuinness gradually, and grudgingly, let their huge differences go. All the main players, especially Spall, are utterly convincing and the film itself suitably tense yet laced with dry humour. Friday and Thursday at 6pm, Monday at 8.15pm and Tuesday at 2pm.

Going In Style (12A) Friday and Thursday at 8.15pm, Sunday at 5pm and Monday at 6pm.

The Promise (12A) During the dying days of the Ottoman Empire, a love triangle develops between an engaged Armenian medical student, a French-educated Armenian and a fiery American journalist. As war breaks out between Turkey and Armenia, the trio must put conflicting passions aside to escape the Ottoman army. Saturday at 5.30pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm.

It Was 50 Years Ago Today: The Beatles, SGT, Pepper And Beyond (12A) Saturday at 8.15pm.

Viceroy’s House (12A) ​Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson play Lord and Lady Mountbatten, charged by King George VI to oversee the peaceful transition of power from Britain to the India it had ruled for 300 years. Set in the Viceroy’s House in Delhi, drama escalates as Hindu, Sikh and Muslim differences threaten to overwhelm the Mountbattens, whose well-intentioned efforts are often sorely misplaced. Sundya at 7.15pm and Tuesday at 5.15pm.

The Time Of Their Lives (12A) Wednesday at 5pm.

ROH Live: The Dream Wednesday at 7.15pm