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La La Land (12A) Today at 5.45pm and 8.30pm

A Monster Calls (12A) Adapted by Patrick Ness from his own bestseller, A Monster Calls centres on 12-year-old Conor (MacDougall), who is dealing with school bullies, an absent father, and a mother (Jones) with a life-threatening illness. Every night Conor is visited by a monster (Neeson, giving a voice and motioncapture performance) who promises to help him by telling him three stories. But what lessons can be learned from these allegorical tales of courage, loss and faith? Director Bayona (The Impossible, The Orphanage) delivers a visual spectacle that is always rooted in truthful emotion, earning comparisons to Pan’s Labyrinth. But it’s Lewis MacDougall as Conor that truly astonishes as he veers from sensitive and hurt to wild and angry in this expertly crafted and powerful film. Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 3.15pm, Sunday at 7.15pm, Monday at 8.30pm, Tuesday at 2pm and Wednesday at 6pm.

Passengers (12A) On the Starship Avalon, a huge spacecraft taking 120 years to transport 5000-plus earthlings to a distant colony, a malfunction in two sleep chambers causes New York writer Aurora Lane (Lawrence) and spacecraft fanboy Jim Preston (Pratt) to wake from hibernation. Still 90 years away from their destination and unable to go back into cryostasis, they face a lifetime aboard the ship with just each other for company. They soon discover that the glitch behind their rude awakening is a precursor to a much bigger problem that threatens the lives of everyone on board. As they desperately try to prevent a massive disaster, an interstellar romance begins to bloom. Friday, Saturday and Wednesday at 8.30pm and Monday at 6pm.

Ballerina (U) In late 19th-century rural Brittany, Félicie (Fanning, Maleficent), an impoverished orphan, harbours childish dreams of becoming a ballerina. Passing herself off as a privileged, spoilt child, she enrols as a dance student at the prestigious Paris Opera, finding the training and social life hard going until kindly caretaker Odette (Jepsen, hit singer-songwriter of Call Me Maybe) takes her under her wing. Along with Félicie’s best friend Victor (DeHaan, The Amazing Spider-Man), an aspiring but not very successful inventor, Odette hatches a plan to turn Félicie’s dreams into reality. Animation expert Éric Warin and prolific French TV director Eric Summer have combined to concoct a delightful adventure. Saturday at 1.15pm and Sunday at 3.30pm.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (12A) Saturday at 5.45pm.

Collateral Beauty (12A) Sunday and Tuesday at 5pm.

ROH Live: Il Trovatore Tuesday at 7.15pm.

NT Live: Amadeus Thursday at 7pm.