Regal Cinema Melton: Film guide February 18 to 25 - Melton Times

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Snoopy And Charlie Brown (U) Today and Friday at 3.45pm.

The Danish Girl (15) Thursday at 6pm.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (12A)

Thursday at 8.45pm, Saturday at 2.15pm and Sunday at 2pm.

Spotlight (15) The story of a group of journalists’ Pulitzer Prize-winning exposure of wrongdoing in the Catholic Church is brought to life by an ensemble of the best actors around. The Boston Globe’s so-called Spotlight team – ‘Robby’ Robinson (Keaton), Michael Rezendes (Ruffalo), Sacha Pfeiffer (McAdams) and Matty Carroll (Brian d’Arcy James) – specialises in deep investigative journalism. When they hear of allegations that Boston’s cardinal knew about, and covered up, child abuse by priests, they are incredulous at first. But their editor (Schreiber) quietly insists that they pursue it, and we see the profound effects on all concerned – at the Globe, and in the community at large – as the horrifying truth emerges. At a time when serious journalism seems under attack from all sides, Spotlight is an important as well as a gripping film: grown-up, serious but thrillingly entertaining. Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 8.30pm, Sunday at 5pm, Monday and Wednesday at 8.45pm, Tuesday at 2pm and 5pm and Thursday at 4pm.

The Revenant (15) Oscar-winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Amores Perros, Birdman) takes us into the American wilderness for a story of betrayal, survival and vengeance, inspired by real events. In the early 19th century, fur trapper Hugh Glass (DiCaprio, giving a powerhouse performance) is attacked by a bear. The injured man is then robbed and left for dead by his companions, including his friend John Fitzgerald (Hardy), who also murders Glass’s young son. Sustained by sheer force of will, Glass battles the winter elements, the vicious wildlife and his own injuries in relentless pursuit of life and justice. The Revenant delivers gritty battle scenes, stunning locations, and a compelling story of one man’s determination to take revenge on those who abandoned him. Friday at 8.30pm, Saturday at 5.15pm and Sunday at 7.45pm.

The Big Short (15) Sitting neatly between the claustrophobic boiler-room drama of Margin Call and The Wolf Of Wall Street’s Grand Guignol theatrics, this latest entry into the financial-disaster subgenre boasts an all-star cast. Narrated by potty-mouthed banker Jared Vennett (Gosling), the film follows various unsavoury high rollers betting against the inevitable crash of 2008 – and actually winning. Vennett dives into the credit-default-swop swamp, along with the selfloathing Mark Baum (Carell, in fine form), the apparently deranged Michael Burry (Christian Bale) and, a little later, a dishevelled Brad Pitt as a discredited banker gone rogue.

NT Live: As You Like It Thursday at 7pm.