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Marvel's Ant-Man 'PHOTO: PA Photo/Zade Rosenthal/Marvel
Marvel's Ant-Man 'PHOTO: PA Photo/Zade Rosenthal/Marvel
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Inside out (U) Today at 3.45pm.

Self/Less (12A) Today at 6pm.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (12A) In his fifth outing as IMF agent Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise finds the ultra-secret agency officially disbanded. When a terrorist organisation known only as the Syndicate makes its malevolent presence felt, Hunt reassembles his crew to take them down. Today and tomorrow at 8.30pm, Saturday at 8.45pm, Sunday at 5.45pm and Monday at 5.30pm.

Ant-Man (12A) A founding member of Marvel Comics’ super-successful Avengers finally bounds onto the big screen, as thieving conman Scott Lang (Rudd, Anchorman) dons the technologically amazing suit that enables him to shrink in size but surge in strength. He comes to the aid of his mentor Dr Hank Pym (Douglas) to combat a real and present danger to the entire world, which requires Lang to perpetrate a major heist. Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 3.30pm, Sunday at 8.30pm, Monday at 3pm, Tuesday at 5pm and Wednesday at 8.15pm.

Jurassic World (12A) More than two decades after Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking original we return to Isla Nublar, now a dinosaur theme park. Saturday at 6pm, Sunday at 3pm and Monday at 8.15pm.

Minions (U) Ever since the dawn of time, the Minions have lived to serve the biggest and baddest of villains. This time leader Kevin, teenage rebel Stuart and lovable little Bob are on a global road trip, where they earn a chance to work for a new boss – the world’s first female supervillain (Bullock) and to save all of Minionkind from annihilation along the way. Saturday at 1.30pm and Sunday and Monday 1pm.

Beyond The Reach (12A)

Madec (Douglas, on sneery top form) is a repellent billionaire businessman on a hunting trip in the Mojave desert. He’s travelling in his posh SUV with a fridge full of cocktails and a custom-made rifle. His arrogant misjudgement causes the death of an elderly man. He tells his young guide Ben (Irvine, War Horse) to dispose of the dead man’s body, and when Ben refuses, Madec takes him captive. Ben soon manages to escape, only to become Madec’s quarry in a game of cat and mouse. Tuesday at 2pm and Wednesday at 6pm.