Pets at Home offer Melton children free pet workshops this summer

Two-year-old Lyra Mann and a rabbit PHOTO: Peter Glaser
Two-year-old Lyra Mann and a rabbit PHOTO: Peter Glaser
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Throughout the summer parents are being invited to bring their kids to fun workshops to educate the next generation of pet owners in animal care.

At Pets at Home Melton, from July 15, children will have the opportunity to learn how to care for pets responsibly through free and fun activities.

These activities will cover the needs of a whole host of furry and finned pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters and fish.

Children will then find out about the world of each pet by learning about the five welfare needs - shelter, food and water, good health, appropriate company and the right living environment.

They will also get a chance to interact with the animals at the store.

Store manager at Pets at Home Melton Susan Dale said: “The free workshops are a chance for young pet lovers to learn about responsible pet ownership, while having lots of fun.

“Our expert colleagues will be able to offer tips and advice on pet care, while making the workshops both interactive and educational.”

For more information about the workshops visit or call Pets at Home Melton on 0845 600 2217.