Panto season over? Oh no it’s not!

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The Harby Harlequins are preparing for their 18th annual pantomime.

This year, the Harlequins will be putting on a production of Scrooge II: The Pantomime.

The panto is traditionally a springboard for young talent from the Vale villages, and several new faces appear this year.

This season, the cast of 24 relate this recently discovered and little know’ sequel to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Tiny Tim, benefactor of Scrooges generosity, is restored to health, educated at Eton and several years later then taken on as business partner. Being betrothed to Little Nell of the “Curiously Olde Melton Pork Pie Shoppe,” everything looks rosy, but will there be a happy ending?

Scrooge’s old business adversary, Lazarus Quelp plans their downfall with the help of mischief makers Scratchwitch, Lampwick and Snitch. Can Old Bill make an arresting performance?

With an original script by Eddie Lilley, the production has purpose built scenery and sets, professional theatre lighting and five piece live musical accompaniment.

The production will be on stage at Harby Village Hall on Wednesday (February 3) to Saturday (February 6).

Each performance will begin at 7.30pm, with an afternoon matinee on the Saturday at 2pm.

Tickets are £8 for adults and £4 for children. Senior citizens are invited to attend free on the Wednesday but are advised to reserve seats.

For admission and ticket details contact Judith Neale on 01949 860713.