Oliver review: “A first class show”

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The Melton Musical Theatre Company performed “Oliver” at the Melton Theatre last week writes Deborah Mason.

During the first half, Mr Bumble (David Lovell) and Widow Corney (Margaret Dorn) were hilarious performing their song “I Shall Scream” and Oliver’s (Aidan Devlin) song “Where Is Love” was performed with emotion and naivety.

In contrast the Artful Dodger (Daniel Hand) sang “Consider Yourself” with confidence. His acting ability for someone so young was exciting to see. He really enjoyed his role and this came across.

In the second half we were entertained by the beautiful voice of Nancy (Mary Garbe) singing, “As Long As He Needs Me” and the comical character of Fagin (John Hurton) singing, “Reviewing The Situation.”

Bill Sykes (Mark Hubbard) was a convincing ‘baddie’ and frightened us all! A special mention to all the children who performed their various and different parts very well.

The whole cast and the orchestra put on a first class show and I am looking forward to the next show in October which is “Sister Act.”