Melton community choir Global Harmony sings praises of retiring musical director

Global Harmony and musical director Liz Underhill PHOTO: Elli Dean
Global Harmony and musical director Liz Underhill PHOTO: Elli Dean
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A Melton community choir is soon waving goodbye to its long-serving musical director.

Bastion of Global Harmony, Liz Underhill, is retiring after 13 years in charge.

Liz has guided the choir through at least 40 concerts, sung mostly in venues around the town, and raised thousands of pounds for charities.

The latest concert the group played was at Melton Baptist Church, raising money for Melton Vineyard, to support their programme in Honduras.

Max Webb, a choir singer in Global Harmony, said: “We wish Liz a happy retirement and our heartfelt thanks go to her for the excellent work, executed with friendship, energy and imagination.

“We are fortunate that her work will continue for now. Our new musical director, Carl Hodgson, takes over to prepare us for our Christmas concert at St Mary’s Church in Melton, on December 8.”

Global Harmony has about 70 members and sings songs from around the world. There are no auditions nor any need to read music. Anybody who wishes to sing is welcome to join.

Max added: “Those of you who have been told you can’t sing - don’t believe them because you can!

“We enjoy a friendship with a French choir in the Loire Valley and have exchange visits where we sing and perform together. They are visiting us in July 2019.

“The choir chooses which charities it will sing for so any charities who would like us to perform for a fund raising event can make a request to the choir. Likewise local venues who would like a performance can put forward a proposal.

“Come and sing with us when our term starts on Monday, September 10. We practise on Monday nights, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, at Sage Cross Methodist Church.”

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