Melton Theatre: Henning Wehn review

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Henning Wehn

Melton Theatre

Review by Jennifer Harby

For those wondering just who Henning Wehn is, think German comic who pops up on TV and radio panel shows from time to time, surprising both for his sense of humour (the one thing, apart from the wars, us Brits reckon we’ve got over our super-efficient friends from uber das Nordsee) and his grasp of Cockney (“have a butcher’s”/“geezer”).

In case you were wondering about the title of his show – Eins, Zwei, DIY – Henning thought of it a year ago. He had the photos taken, did the posters, the publicity.

“It was only when I sat down to write the show, I realised I had absolutely no DIY-related anecdotes.”

And in case you were wondering whether the show he did at Melton Theatre on Saturday night was any good – well, you geezers only had to “have a butcher’s” at the packed house post-encore as Henning skipped through the crowds, leading us in a sing-song and waving a World Cup replica under our noses (“This is the closest some of you’ll ever get to it – back home, everyone’s got one of these”).

Throughout the two-hour set – particularly the hour-long second half – the howls of laughter rarely lapsed.

Some of the subject matter – London house prices, World Cup corruption – may be a little well-trodden, but Germany’s comedy ambassador reworked them with a charming originality that is uniquely his own.

Alles klar? Wunderbar!