Melton Gig Guide: September 25 to 27 - Melton Times

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Junction Classic Rock are set to perform at the Crown (Asfordby) on Friday night. They are a power trio from Derbyshire, well known for their entertaining stage presence, fantastic light show and their superb musicianship.

Junction specialise in classic rock covers - Rush, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Cream, Bon Jovi and ACDC. A variety for all audiences.

The Genny B host Baker’s Treat on Friday. Featuring tight vocal harmonies and a great combination of musical instruments - brass, drums, sax and harmonicas - they will play an entertaining gig.

It’s Americana weekend at the Noels Arms this Friday and the Drugstore Cowboys will be in town. Expect the unexpected and a high energy show from rowdy roots rockers.

The Sons of El Roacho are playing at the Grapes at the request of fans from Melton. They are a three piece punk rock band who will perform on Saturday, in aid of the Air Ambulance and Melton and District Money Advice Centre.

Indio Black are back on Saturday. Expect great music, plenty of jigging, lame jokes, new songs and the frantic night that Indio Black always provide at the Genny B.

Saturday also sees The Highway Junkies perform at the Noels Arms continuing the Americana weekend. Imagine pulling up to a truck-stop on the swamplands of Melton, walking in for a well-deserved beer, and the band are playing songs about the excesses of drinking, loose women, gambling and snakes. That’s what it’s going to be like.

One Man Two Tone entertain the masses at the White Hart on Saturday. Dance to ska, mod and new wave sounds brought to life by Steve Wallbanks.

Anne Duggan and Outwood County Riders play out the Americana Weekend at the Noels Arms on Sunday. It’s your last chance saloon so don’t miss this excellent double header.